SecureEye is a Brooklyn startup in the IT industry. The company services clients in the New York area offering surveillance, networking, IT consulting, Point of Sales among other services.

SecureEye was in need of a visual icon that would make its clients feel secure and that would make the company recognizable.

As a result of my research, it was obvious that a very familiar sign of security in this industry is that of a lock. However, I wanted to move away from the expected, from the usual, and at the same time represent the confidence and effectiveness that the company wants to communicate.

One of the great icons that transmits these sentiments is the american bald eagle. With its precision and strength, it became the perfect icon for this company.

The placement of the eagle is very strategic as it’s not centered, but rather it is aligned left to give it a sense of movement and dynamism. This movement can create in people a feeling of readiness, which is a very good thing for an IT company.

Work performed: Logo Design.